Christmas Italian Style: Panettone – Italian Christmas Cake

Our advice:


Decide what items you would like beforehand and keep an eye out for them on Sale days.


The items might sell out quickly so we don’t want you to miss out!


It is time to buy the items that make your mouth water for less:)

Panettone Variety:

We stoked up on the same Panettone as last year from our supplier Balocco:

We ALSO stocked up on Flamigni’s (in gift boxes):

And the La Cascina’s:

1kg Handmade Panettone either in a box or with a ribbon with the following flavours:

Panettone the Christmas miracle

Is it Christmas yet?!
If there’s no Panettone on your table or hidden in the cupboard then we’re sad to inform you, it is definitely not Christmas time!

Weeks before Christmas, Italian stores start filling up with Panettone and Pandoro in glossy boxes. Every possible free space is taken over by them.

The choice between the two kinds of Christmas cakes is a real dilemma in many Italian families, who are often divided between panettone lovers and pandoro lovers. So what’s the difference you may ask?

Panettone is a delicious Christmas cake from Milan. It is a sweet, yeasty cake that has a well-known domed shape. It is traditionally made with raisins and candied fruits. Whereas Pandoro (pan d’oro means “golden bread”) is a mouth-watering Christmas cake that originated in Verona. Pandoro is traditionally a star shaped cake that is dusted with powdered sugar.

Kids tend to prefer pandoro, while adults are more fond of panettone. So there is only one peaceful solution: you buy both!

This year Casa Italia went ALL out with the amounts and variety of Panettone! We have the BIGGEST VARIETY of Italian Christmas Cakes in the UK!!! We even acquired one that was acclaimed the best Panettone in 2020!


The cheapest choice would be, of course, mini panettones or Classic Panettone Balocco.

But if you’re looking for a fancy/exclusive present this Christmas then check out our GIFT SETS with Panettone or Artisan ones!


Hope we’ve convinced you that Christmas without Panettone is not as jolly as it could be!;)

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