All About Burrata Cheese

What is Burrata cheese? How to prepare Burrata? How to buy it? On this page, we will tell you about all about Burrata cheese. 

Have you ever treated yourself with creamy and buttery Italian cheese? Can you guess the name? Food is love. When it comes to Italian foods, I am obsessed with creamy burrata cheese.

Have you ever heard about this creamy and tangy cousin of mozzarella cheese? If not, get ready for a ride that will take you on a journey to experience Italian flavors, exciting facts, and uses of this smooth and tangy treat.

Wondering what are some of the ways to use it and how’s it different from regular mozzarella cheese? How can you serve it with different meals, and is it healthy or not? Let’s make things easier for you.

Here you’ll see detailed information about burrata cheese. If you haven’t tried it before, I am confident that you’re going to order it after reading this article.

What is Burrata?

A semi-soft and creamy fresh Italian cheese made with smooth mozzarella outside with cream and spreadable strings encased inside. Burrata comes from an Italian word, which means buttery.


This creamy and buttery cheese is prepared from milk and served fresh. I guess many people around the world are getting familiar with burrata, one of my favorite cheese ever. It is gaining popularity now among the Italian cheese lovers.


One of the foods that have a concise shelf life. Yes, you got that right. It has to be eaten fresh or within a couple of days of ordering this buttery and delicious cheese. It is usually presented as the main dish with Caprese salad in many of the Italian restaurants.

Before knowing the burrata’s uses, let’s look back into the past to learn about this delicious cheese’s Origin.

See our video for proper Burrata cheese

History of Burrata

Burrata dates back to the early 1900s. Cheesemakers in Southern Italy found it a convenient way to use up mozzarella scraps. Burrata originates from the Apulia region of Southern Italy. It was first made back in 1920 in the Murgian town of Andria in Apulia. The Bianchini family made it on their farm. This local product remained a delight of these people for about thirty years.

However, burrata became much more common after the 1950s because many local cheese factories started producing it due to its increased demand. One of the reasons explained for the increased demand for burrata was that it represented a method to utilize mozzarella scraps being discarded.

Mozzarella vs. Burrata

Before looking into the details, let’s talk about how burrata is different from mozzarella?

Talking about taste profile, the mozzarella and burrata almost taste similar. However, burrata’s texture is creamy and tangy comes from the curds and cream filling in the center of a pouched ball of burrata. The mozzarella has lower fat content as compared to burrata, which has thick cream in the center.

Burrata Ingredients

Just like a poached egg, burrata is a white pocket full of yumminess.

 Let’s look into the main ingredients of this flavorful cheese: Cow/Buffalo Milk, Cream, Rennet and Salt.

How Burrata Is Made

You can make this famous cow/buffalo milk cheese from mozzarella, rennet, and cream. The outer shell of burrata is solid mozzarella while the inner side consists of Stracciatella and cream. These ingredients give it an unusually soft texture.


Rennet causes the warmed milk to curdle, forming small clumps or curds. The proteins that fail to clump up are what you call whey. These curds are then pressed or molded to make a wheel block of cheese.


But when it comes to creating burrata, the mozzarella is stretched and pulled instead of molding and pressing. It is also called pasta filata. Then it is formed into a pouch and packed with soft stringy bits of curd, named ritagli “rags” and Stracciatella “ribbons.” Finally, it is topped with fresh heavy cream and is knotted close at the top. 

Burrata Facts

Source: Cow’s or buffalo’s milk

Aging: Fresh

Texture: Liquidy center

Flavor: Milky and mild—like fresh mozzarella

Best Ways to use Burrata cheese

Here is how you can use this incredible cheese.



Make burrata look even extraordinary by adding

Milk and olive oil in it. A squeeze of lemon juice will transform it into a Creamy-tangy combo sauce that’s spectacular over grilled meats.


With Smoked Italian Meat

You can present burrata Mario Batali style and set it over speck (smoked Italian meat) with a lemon-flavored pea salad.


With Crunchy veggies

Burrata has the magical ability to convert cucumbers and radishes into a full meal if served with it.


Top over Toast

You can make any vegetable bruschetta more luscious by topping it with a slice of burrata.


Serve with pasta

According to your taste, there’s nothing wrong with adding burrata while preparing lovely and delicious veggie pasta (spicy or earthy).


Grilled cheese

Prepare a finger-licking toasted sandwich for your loved ones with…Yes! You got that right, burrata. Add some bacon and pesto for next-level taste.

Turn your regular omelet into a special snack by adding cheese to it while preparing it. Let the residual cheese melt in it.

Delicious Ways to Eat Burrata

If you’ve landed here, it means you do love mozzarella’s yummy and tangy sister. However, you don’t have any idea how to use this Italy’s most favorite cheese?

Learn how to use/serve burrata, delicious burrata recipes, and how to store it. Let’s discover each and everything about burrata cheese. Stay with us!!!



Want to experience the taste of burrata at its fullest? The best option is to serve it at room temperature. Please put it out of the Fridge almost half an hour before serving so that it should adapt to room temperature.



Burrata should better be eaten as soon as possible after it’s been prepared. It’s recommended to eat it as quickly as possible after cutting it (better buy the same day you want to enjoy it). Otherwise, it will go wrong, and the flavor will turn sour. Also, don’t add it to the list of your weekly grocery items, as it has a short shelf life.



Have you ever had burrata before? If you’ve never tried this creamy and buttery treat, you’re missing something captivating and delicious. You might be wondering how you could season the burrata cheese. We’ve got you covered.

Drizzle extra virgin olive oil over it to enjoy a healthier version of this classy cheese. Perfect fresh and tangy flavors for Italian food lovers!!!



It also goes well as one of the best toppings on a freshly baked pizza. Just put small slices of it on the pizza right after you pull it from the oven. Its combination significantly goes well with fresh tomatoes and arugula, but you could also pair it with a prosciutto pizza.



Burrata complements Caprese salad. Or you can substitute mozzarella cheese with creamy Italian burrata to any of your favorite food.


What Is Burrata Caprese?

Burrata Caprese is a tasty Italian salad made with tomatoes, basil leaves, burrata, olive oil, and balsamic glaze (optional) with salt and pepper seasoning. A guaranteed crowd-pleaser, am I right? Let’s add color to your dining table by serving refreshing Caprese Salad with Burrata.


The burrata Caprese salad can be prepared quickly with few ingredients right from your pantry. All you’ve to do is order freshly made burrata from a well-known restaurant or online food shop. 


How to Prepare Burrata Caprese Salad

This recipe is perfect for summer days. The salad of my dreams! Nothing better than fresh and creamy burrata with fresh tomatoes from the garden, lashings of olive oil, torn basil, and salt and pepper seasoning. 


You can add toasted pine nuts or fresh fruits over it.

Let’s enjoy the weekend while preparing this delicious treat for loved ones at home.



  • Tomatoes (vine-ripened, heirloom tomatoes)
  • Olive oil (Extra Virgin)
  • Burrata
  • Basil
  • Sea salt (to taste)
  • Pepper (to taste)
  • balsamic syrup/glaze (optional)


  1. In a serving platter, add tomato slices and basil leaves then top them with burrata cheese.
  2. Now drizzle extra virgin olive oil and balsamic glaze.
  3. Then season with sea salt and black pepper and add few fresh basil leaves and tomatoes for a colorful garnish.

This burrata Caprese salad topped with fresh basil ended up being my dinner the other night. If you’re like me, grab a fork and eat straight from the platter. But if you’re sharing, you can add it to a small plate and enjoy it with grilled bread.


How to use Burrata for Breakfast?

Italians love to eat burrata with simple sea salt and pepper seasoning and a little olive oil. Good quality bread slices work great with burrata, or you can even spread the soft creamy cheese onto crackers.


You can have perfectly creamy burrata over fig jam or any of your favorite jam with some gorgeous toasty crostini. A perfect beauty for a beautiful morning!!!


Or enjoy it with Garlic Bread or French toast. Craving for Burrata? You’ve hundreds of variations to try. Believe it or not…Burrata is always a good idea. Endless possibilities, and you really can’t go wrong with any of these.


Burrata Avocado Toast: Our Favorite Burrata Breakfast


Are you looking for a delicious breakfast option involving burrata cheese? Search no more. Try Burrata Avocado Toast. You will certainly enjoy it. Here is a complete recipe to make this delicious toast.



  • Bread (2 slices, toasted)
  • Butter spread (1 tbsp)
  • Burrata cheese (2 oz.)
  • Avocado (1, mashed and sliced)
  • Large egg (boiled)
  • Tomato (1, sliced)
  • Salt and black pepper (As per taste)


  • Toast and butter the bread. Arrange cheese, avocado, tomato, and egg on the top.
  • Sprinkle with freshly ground pepper and kosher salt. Enjoy this delicious delight in your breakfast.

Burrata Pizza and Pasta


If you’re a big burrata fan, you can add a burrata ball to any of your favorite pizza. The creamy and liquidy cheese comes out once you cut it using a serrated knife. 

Enjoy pasta with tomato sauce and cheesy and creamy burrata. If someone asks you to have a burrata ball on a pizza, what will be your reply? Yes, of course.

If you haven’t give burrata cheese a try, you must try this. Trust me; you would love to eat this again and again.


Burrata as a Keto Staple

You might be wondering that is burrata keto-friendly? Imagine yourself sitting in the garden and eating the fresh, melting delicious buffalo mozzarella pouch cheese filled with fresh cream and mozzarella strands inside.


Do you know that this sensational burrata is a purely keto-friendly? It goes well with a low carb salad made with avocado, lettuce, and cucumber for a perfect keto lunch.


Health Benefits of Burrata

  1. Best Food for Brain

Burrata contains all the essential amino acids (fat, cholesterol, and quality proteins) supports cognitive functions, especially learning and memory-making it a good food for the human brain.


  1. Absorption of vitamins

Both mozzarella and cream are rich in fats, thereby eating burrata helps the body absorb fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K.


  1. Perfect Source of potassium

Burrata is a rich source of potassium. The potassium in burrata cheese keeps your heart healthy. It helps the body regulate blood pressure and prevents the body from heatstroke.


  1. Supports Digestive Health

The phosphorus in burrata cheese plays a crucial role in making bones and teeth strong and supports digestive and endocrine health.


  1. Improves mood

Do you know eating burrata cheese improves mood swings? The protein content in burrata cheese can repair and maintain muscle and synthesize neurotransmitters causing your mood to get better.


  1. Healthy Skin

Burrata cheese contains vitamin E, which plays a crucial role in skin health. Consuming burrata cheese helps to get glowy and beautiful skin.